At XLIMA, we pride our business pedigree on managing and delivering best practice sportsbook solutions. Engrained within our business, our expertise, knowledge and experience has been developed over thirty four years in the industry. Our team of professionals ensure maximum efficiency from the sportsbooks they manage. However, our advantage is gained through our back end technology. Using sophisticated algorithms developed internally, combined with AI and machine learning, the system delivers the most advanced Line Management solution available in the market today. Defining the starting pre-match line, but advancing as quickly as possible before the start of the event to the perfect line that allows for the book to take the highest amount of action, is where our team and technology excel. Our Line Management performance can be demonstrated not only through statements, but evidentially with hard facts and figures. Our systems are powered by the best and official data sources, which ultimately means accuracy and minimal latency. Operators can determine their level of involvement within the sportsbook and whether their preference is for full or partial control. Combining automation with manual intervention, machine learning and industry experience, at XLIMA we minimise leakage and ensure the most effective delivery of over 90,000 monthly betting lines. Our solution ensure the best Omni-Channel experience across retail, online and mobile.

So often and common within the industry is where suppliers deliver an off the shelf, one product fits all. This 'Henry Ford' approach simply states failure within sports betting, however, it is omnipresent across the industry. At XLIMA we understand the importance of tailoring the solution towards the chosen market territory, localising accordingly, meetings the needs of the operator, but ultimately the end user. We ensure the most dynamic experience and journey for players to ensure that once they arrive onto the sportsbook, the content is delivered according to their personal betting preferences and behaviour. Our Player Account Management (PAM) system has been developed internally, using leading edge AI and machine learning to create the most effective assessment of sports betting players. The XLIMA platform also offers a full payments gateway with a range of options, to ensure deposits can be made efficiently, but also withdrawals at the moment of bet settlement