XLIMA would offer a complete solution to operators and get paid on a revenue share based on modified Net Gaming Revenue. This model allows us to benefit in the growth of sportsbetting and mobile gambling while not having the liabilities of licensing, marketing, or fixed costs associated with operators. We believe that sportsbetting and online gambling is over taxed and over regulated which make being a software provider a much more lucrative market than being an owner/operator. As markets face regulation, increased measures of compliance and high taxation, the necessity to ensure maximum efficiencies from the delivery of sportsbook operations has never been more essential. Preventing leakage, high supplier fees, whilst ensuring the most effective sportsbook available for players, means that operators are now seeking best in practice solutions that deliver optimal performance, increased margins and revenue profitability.

At XLIMA, our business has listened and evaluated the requirements of the market in order to create the ultimate sportsbook solution. Individually tailored, localised to the specific territory, the platform ensures best in practice, with the most advanced Line Management system available in the market today. We guarantee optimum operational efficiency to ensure that sportsbooks can compete effectively, whilst comfortably managing delivery costs and taxation. Our commercial model is based upon performance revenue share at highly competitive rates with the avoidance for set-up and monthly minimums, so often unnecessarily applied by the incumbent market suppliers. We base everything on sportsbook performance and we measure against that fully under the revenue share model, only applicable when the book performs. At XLIMA we let the market judge our performance credibility.