XLiMa Mission Values for igaming Compliance Legal Solutions

XLiMa Mission Values for igaming Compliance and Legal Solutions

The company was designed to operate in an environment where governments looking for additional revenue will first legalize sports betting for land-based operators which will expand to online wagering. States will then start to allow internet casino games which will expand to full fledged internet casinos. XLIMA is designed to handle this and has been developed to allow the operator to upgrade the system as these changes take place.


At XLIMA, we pride ourselves on a heritage of more than thirty-four years delivering market leading, fully tailored bespoke sportsbook solutions. We are redefining the standard supplier platform business model to ensure that operators have the best in practice solution for their sportsbook operations. Our clients conduct their activities on the assurance that they can immediately gain instant competitive advantage, market differentiation and long-term financial stability within the market.

Engrained within the fibre of XLIMA, through our expertise, knowledge and experience, our team of professionals ensure maximum efficiencies from the sportsbooks we manage. As the industry moves towards increased legislation, operators must meet the regulatory compliance, which often entails high taxation. It is therefore essential that sportsbook providers generate maximum revenues, with the least amount of leakage.

At XLIMA, our business model avoids the necessity to apply set-up and monthly minimum fees, as so often standard with alternative industry suppliers. It ensures that operators are instantly cash flow positive from the beginning, as opposed to being in a negative financial position as they conduct activities in highly competitive markets.

Our team of professionals also offer independent consultancy services to guide operators through the myriad of legal compliance, legislation, and sportsbook management. Let us build a complete turnkey, market leading sportsbook solution for your business today. Contact a member of the team to start your XLIMA journey. Experts in Line Management.