At the recent GAT Expo in Cartagena Colombia, newly appointed XLIMA COO Eddye Guevara explained about the new business and his exit from Jazz Gaming Solutions after twenty years of active service with the organisation. Addressing the delegates at a privately held forum, Guevara outlined the future for newly formed XLIMA business and his role to drive for increased regulation and compliance. “it has been explicitly clear within the market, that as increased regulation across the LATAM territory follows the example from Colombia, operators will now be seeking a fully legal and compliant solution that meets with all regulatory standards” stated Guevara. “We have long recognised that this would be the case and acted accordingly by taking the best of practice components from the incumbent legacy system and building a completely new platform. This will be GLI certified and meet fully the bespoke requirements and needs of the operators, tailored towards their individual requirements and needs” added the XLIMA COO. The business model for XLIMA remains simple, to fill the void that has been neglected by other suppliers to the market. The team have built the most advanced platform solution in association with their partner, the Armenian based software technology company IQ Soft. “Our solution is ready and you will see the first clients migrating onto the new platform in the next two months” stated Guevara. “We are planning a number of significant announcements, but our arrival into the market will certainly provide and deliver that alternative solution for sportsbook suppliers and ensure that the solution in place meets fully with the market conditions, legislation and ultimately the needs of the end user, the player, so often neglected in this process. Cartagena has been a great venue to open our XLIMA message and I am looking to build this further along with the team to ensure that we are offering the most advanced solution available to the market today” concluded Guevara. [Source: LATAM Connect]